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Main Office

7 Ellen Street

Subiaco WA 6008

(Cnr York & Ellen Street)

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ph: 08 9200 6140

fax: 08 9200 6150


Fertility Specialists South

1st floor, 764 Canning Hwy

Applecross WA 6153

(corner Riseley St and Canning Hwy)

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ph: 08 9316 8832

fax: 08 9316 8819



I work at Fertility Specialists South in Applecross where the resources of FSS and FSWA are available to assist with the full range of investigation and treatments for subfertility.

If you have specific fertility concerns please make an appointment directly with the FSS clinic.  Issues such as irregular or absent periods, male factor subfertility, endometriosis, tubal pathology, early menopause, PCOS and older women are routinely seen.  Mullerian tract abnormalities, endometriosis, tubal disease and other conditions requiring surgical intervention can be treated.

The Fertility Specialists laboratory provides sperm testing, including SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structural Assay) testing for DNA fragmentation, IVF and IVF-ICSI and IVM (In-Vitro Maturation).

Cycle tracking, ovulation induction with a number of different agents and Super-Ovulation/Intrauterine Insemination are also available.

Please see the Fertilty Specialists South web site