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IVF as a treatment for infertility

Choosing IVF treatment is not a quick decision. I believe that you deserve clarity about the tests, the procedure and the expectations. Sometimes the conversation covers alternative treatment options when IVF is not appropriate. On this page, we discuss the most common questions about your options in regards to IVF treatment in Perth.
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What is IVF?

In-vitro fertilisation involves fertilisation of an egg or eggs in the laboratory. The fertilised egg becomes an embryo and as it grows the embryo changes from a small bunch of 16 cells on day 3, a Morula, to a Blastocyst on day 5 containing about 100 cells. Day 5 is when an embryo conceived naturally leaves the fallopian tubes and enters the uterus, implanting in the endometrium. The final stage of IVF treatment involves the transfer of an embryo back to the uterus, through the cervix, where it can implant and develop as a pregnancy.

This is a brief summary and when we work together, my role is to make sure you understand the essence of the process. There is so much information out there that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As your fertility specialist, my role is also to take the time to discuss your questions, doubts and concerns.

“To harvest eggs you go into day surgery and your fertility specialist will collect them whilst you are under full anaesthetic. Depending on your situation your embryo will be transferred back to your uterus either 5 days after the egg collection or if it is a frozen embryo transfer it can be a couple of months after egg collection or even a few years. ”

IVF treatment Perth

What to expect when undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation?

All medical procedures can cause anxiety as they approach. In Vitro Fertilisation is no different. What will it actually be like, how will I manage and will it work? These are all normal concerns. For most women IVF involves about 2 weeks of ovarian stimulation prior to egg collection. Hormonal changes can cause breast tenderness, nausea, bloating and mood changes.
This is where – as a specialist doctor – I also look at the emotional journey you are on. What works best is to take the time to talk about your expectations. If they need to be adjusted, of if they need further clarification, then we make sure that you are really well informed about your options.

IVF success rates

What are our chances of having a single healthy baby from one started IVF treatment cycle?

The goal of all fertility treatment is the delivery of a healthy baby who can then grow to their full potential. An important part of this is minimising the risk of multiple pregnancies. Australia leads the world with a high rate of successful single embryo transfers.

“With increasing age, fertility in women declines.”

Dr Richard MurphyFertility Specialist, Perth
ivf treatment perth

Sometimes falling pregnant in itself is not the obstacle. When you have an early miscarriage, it means that the embryo did not successfully progress to an ongoing pregnancy. Part of the process is to be aware of your chances, of embryos ‘making it’ beyond those critical stages. And what we know is that your age as a woman is the main influence here.

At age 30-32 a woman can expect a 35% chance of a live birth after a single embryo transfer, reducing down to 2% by age 42. So when we discuss your treatment journey, we will talk about these numbers and they will be part of our conversation about expectations.

Fertility tests Perth

Will you fully investigate us to see if a cause can be found for our infertility that might avoid complicated treatment?

Prior to starting any fertility treatment, a range of investigations will be done for both men and women to try to diagnose the cause for delay in conceiving. This information will be used in conjunction with a woman’s or couple’s history and duration of infertility to individualise treatment decisions, trying to minimise medical intervention whilst maximising the opportunity to start and complete a family.

So you may rest assured that we collect as much information as possible. I also believe that having unrushed consultations, and discussing this information in detail, is an important part of my role as your fertility specialist. It helps build your confidence and takes away some of the doubts that may creep in when you hear so many different stories or read about IVF online.

IVF alternatives

What options are open to us other than In Vitro Fertilisation?

Sometimes the simple options need to be put on the table too: Some couples just need a little more time to try. And then there are the more advanced options: ovulation induction, stimulated intrauterine insemination, Lipiodol flushing of tubes or surgery, either laparoscopic or hysteroscopic.

"A lot of couples will not need In Vitro Fertilisation treatment. Some couples will not want IVF treatment or have religious, moral or other objections to using IVF. "

Dr Richard MurphyFertility Specialist, Perth

Starting a family is a very personal experience. Each person and each couple will be unique. Tailoring treatment is vital. And that is another aspect of my role that I take seriously. For me it means listening to your expectations and story. In my own family, I went through the experience of pregnancy loss, and I understand the fragility that comes with your journey. So for me, taking the time to get to know you and to build a relationship of trust, is a key part of my mission.

IVF cost Perth

What will the emotional costs be if I undergo IVF treatment?

The decision to start IVF treatment is never taken lightly. Before we do you will have a realistic idea of the chances of treatment working for you. We will review treatments together as they progress, always looking to improve and obtain better results. If treatment is not successful we will work through this process together, exploring other options to start a family or perhaps when to stop treatment.

So we look at the bigger picture. The cost, the emotional cost, your chances of success and how that fits in your life, as individuals or as a couple.

PGT testing

What is preimplantation genetic testing and do I need it?

Preimplantation genetic testing involves testing 1 or more cells from an embryo. Modern PGT testing usually involves taking 5 cells from a day 5 embryo, a blastocyst. The biopsied cells allow us to test for 3 types of abnormalities. These are either:

  • chromosomal abnormalities unique to the embryo which might prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriage,
  • structural rearrangements of the chromosomes inherited from a parent which can cause miscarriage,
  • detection of single-gene disorders, such as cystic fibrosis, which can cause disease after birth.

IVF journey

Is the IVF procedure painful?

Both the egg collection procedure and changes to the ovary as eggs develop can cause some discomfort. This is usually quite manageable with rest and simple analgesics.

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Why Dr Richard Murphy for In Vitro Fertilisation treatment?

My desire as a Fertility Specialist at Genea Hollywood is to help people start and complete their families as easily and as naturally as possible. I will investigate fully and appropriately to help guide treatment decisions and provide honest, realistic expectations from the choices made. I will not rush decision making and allow time for you as you move through this journey.